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     Welcome to my website on the Aroma~Care™ Series of books where you can find information on Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for your pets, homes, gardens, teens, and medicinal uses.

     Before you begin your journey into essential oils, be sure to learn about the safety and precautions of using essential oils, especially on children, pets, and others who are ill.

     Remember, even though essential oils may smell good---they are medicines and should be respected as such. Overdosing on the use of essential oils can be just as harmful to the invidual as an illness. Some essential oils will build up in the body with consistent use and may cause toxicity in organs and tissues.

     Through much research and decades of using essential oils in my own life, as well as completing professional aromatherapy courses with trained instructors, I hope to share some of my findings with you. I welcome your comments and look forward to sharing your favorite blend recipes with others.

     Aroma~Care™ is a series of instructional booklets on a variety of uses for essential oils that has beent trademarked in the United States. In addition to offering books for sale, I also offer a variety of hands-on and Home Study Aromatherapy courses and certifications for those who would like to learn more about this wonderful healing modality. The CE's I offer are recognized by both the NCBTMB and the Florida Massasge Board for massage therapists and bodyworkers who need ce's to renew their license in order to practice in the State.


What does the word, Aromatherapy, stand for?

     The word, "Aromatherapy," is derived from two words. 'Aroma' which means scent (or odor), and 'Therapy' which refers to the treatment of a physical or mental condition. Together, the word 'Aromatherapy' means 'treating a physical or mental condition using scent.'

     The scents that are used in this modality come from essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants that have been valued for their therapeutic properties for more than 5,000 years.

     Just like in humans, essential oils can also be used to relieve anxiety and fear in pets who have been through a traumatic event. Essential oils can be added to shampoos, powders, sprays and even toothpaste.

    When used properly and thoughtfully, essential oils should produce no harmful side effects. If you have any doubt about the essential oils that you are using, or how you are using them, please seek professional advice before beginning any form of self treatment for you or your pet.


I am sorry, but I do not carry or sell any essential oils. You can obtain a list of good and qualified sellers of essential oils right from the national website at You cannot go wrong with purchasing quality essential oils from those stores listed there. I have personally purchasesd oils from AromaHead and JennScents, but there are plenty of other places to chose from.



The Aroma~Care™ Series

Home Study Courses

The Reiki Center of Venice offers a home study course in the following Aromatherapy series.

Basic Aromatherapy (12 lessons-30 hours)

Advanced Aromatherapy (12 lessons-200 hours)




NCBTMB & FL Massage Ce's

Currently, I am teaching Aromatherapy:


ON-SITE: I will no longer be teaching hands-on workshops unless a group of 4 or more people hire me to do so. Cost of 12 hour course is $249 a person and takes 2 days to complete; 6 hours a day. Workshop must be prepaid by 4 or more participants before class can be scheduled.


ONLINE: I will still be offering the 4 hour home study course titled, "Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers." Participants in this workshop receive 4 NCBTMB and 4 Florida Massage ce's. 


HOME STUDY: I offer a 230 hour professional Aromatherapy Certification in two levels of trainings (30 and 200 hours). After successful completion of these two levels of training, you may decide to request ARC to sit for their national exam and become a registered Aromatherapist (RA).


For more information click here:





All classes will be held at the Reiki Center of Venice, Venice, FL. 34293.

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